Billy crystal says snooki’s ‘dwts’ cheerleading outfit got him hot [video]

Forget Sally — it seems Snooki may be the one that Harry’s after. Billy Crystal, the actor behind the the famous ’80s rom-com character, got a glimpse at Nicole’s “DWTS” progress last night on “The Tonight Show,” and the Pocket Rocket’s latest pep squad routine made the man quite a fan. “Now the cheerleader outfit…that got me a little hot,” he said after getting a good look at her back handspring. Careful, Bill — she’s got a sparkly piece of jewelry around that left ring finger.

Snooks and JWOWW also gave Jay Leno the low-down on the upcoming season of “Snooki & JWOWW” while perched on the late night couch. The girls insisted that while the wedding planning-to-come will be a blast for viewers, nobody should be holding out for a joint ceremony. “I’d kill her,” Jenny exclaims, to which Snooki responds, “Get away from me!” If it were all up to JWOWW, she says she’d rather just go to Vegas for a Elvis-approved quickie wedding. Obviously, Pauly D would be the ring bearer/DJ.

Check out the full interview below!