Them’s fightin’ words: the biggest, baddest mtv floribama shore feuds (so far)

It’s never good news when someone wants to “talk outside.” Unless there’s a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts there.

That’s exactly what went down between Jeremiah and Codi on this week’s MTV Floribama Shore — well, minus the doughnuts. The episode kicked off with a fight at Newby’s and ended with a fight back at the house after Jeremiah overheard Codi and Kirk talking s**t on Aimee. (Hello, has no one informed them of A’s princess-goddess-mermaid status?)

When the Jacksonville native jumped to her defense (YASSS, Jeremiah to the rescue!), Codi wouldn’t back down — and that’s when the two went outside to “talk.”

Though time will tell how this tiff ends, it’s child’s play compared to many of the other fights we’ve seen on the series — and we’re only five episodes deep! Check out a few other messy (but fabulously entertaining) melees:

Nilsa vs. Kayla Jo

Nilly’s issues with Jeremiah’s girl all started with that look at La Vela.

Kortni vs. Kayla Jo

When Kortni came to Nilsa’s defense, she offered to “knock that b**ch the f**k out.”

Kortni vs. Her Bladder

The PCB native often forgoes the restroom for whatever’s closest at hand, be it her roommate’s bed or a trash can on the beach.

Aimee vs. Jeremiah

Jeremiah doesn’t like a messy house, and the Alabama native doesn’t care to be bossed. “I’m about to knock his ass out,” she stated.

Nilsa’s Pizza vs. Everyone

Nobody disrespects Nilly’s pie — not the pizza-delivery phone operators and especially not Kayla Jo.

Codi vs. Nilsa

After Nilly expressed distaste for Kayla Jo, he called her “THOT-ish” and landed a low blow by insulting her appearance.

Aimee vs. Her Job

The princess-goddess-mermaid doesn’t do work. “I’m bitin’ my tongue until I can become a trophy wife, because that is my dream job,” she said.

Girls vs. Guys

This hanger-induced blowout was all over a few pieces of chicken.

Orange Shirt Guy vs. Nilsa

After Nilly wouldn’t accept a shot from him at Donovan’s, he told her to shut her mouth.

Dollar-Draft-Beer Lady vs. The Roommates

One rude comment turned into a bar fight of epic proportions.

Codi vs. Kortni’s Parrot

Feathered friends aren’t allowed in Codi’s inner circle. “If he comes near me, I wouldn’t even think twice about dropping his ass,” he said.

Nilsa vs. Her Shorts

Her Daisy Dukes are often waaay too short for her own comfort. “I gotta go change my shorts,” she once said. “I can taste ’em.”

Jeremiah vs. Nilsa

These two exploded over Nilly’s treatment of Jeremiah’s new friend, Kayla Jo. “Nilsa needs to be very thankful she’s not a dude right now, because I would literally deck her,” an angry J admitted.

Newby’s Guy vs. Gus

When a stranger mocked Gus’ hairstyle and made a derogatory reference, the roommates were quick to have their buddy’s back (special mention for Candace).

For even more Floribama drama — and to find out how Jeremiah and Codi’s “talk” ends — catch a new episode Monday at 10e/7p.