Biggest fans voting has launched


It’s time to find out who has the biggest fans this year—Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes or Taylor Swift?

All of the voting for the Biggest Fans award will go down on Twitter and Instagram and there will be two rounds of voting.  The first round will start on Wednesday 8 November at 10am EST .  Fans will show their love for their favorite artists by tweeting or posting the custom biggest fans hashtags, which are listed below.

The two artists with the most hashtag votes at the end of the first round will move on to the final round on Saturday 11 November 6pm EST. Again, fans will duke it out with the hashtags (same as first round) and ultimately determine who has the biggest fans this year.

The winner will be announced during the EMA Red Carpet show, right beore the EMA, on 12 November!

These are the hashtags you’ll need to vote with:






Any post on Twitter or Instagram that includes any of the hashtags will count as a vote. Beware, hashtags in Instagram comments will not count as votes.

So far the Beliebers have won Bieber two Biggest Fans awards with their zealous voting in 2015 and 2016. This would be a first-time Biggest Fans win for Mendes, Swift, Grande and Perry. Do any of the others have big enough fan bases to beat The Biebs this year?  Only a few days until we find out!