‘big tips texas’ newbies scream, shoot and dip tobacco to blow off some steam

When things get tense at work, do as the Redneck Heaven girls do: tear into some chewing tobacco, line up the mishmash of things in your fridge and go totally Rambo on that stuff. On the next episode of “Big Tips Texas,” Morgan, who’s still feeling tense about her shouting match with Amber, invites the newbies to her granddaddy Cotton’s ranch to let go of any pent-up aggression, but in the sneak peek below, it’s not Morgan who turns out to be the top marksman, it’s the seemingly peaceful Macy.

“I felt like we all had to blow off some steam and get some of our anger out before I blew Amber’s head off,” Morgan says before she and the gals get to dippin’. Before long, the girls snatch up their firearms of choice, take aim and let the lead fly at their two-liter targets. While meek cheerleader Kristyn screams through most of the shootin’ session, Macy isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and let loose. “I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I’m gonna show them what’s up,” she says after exploding a bottle of orange soda. Guess we know who not to mess with…

Check out the clip and tune in to an all-new “Big Tips Texas,” next Wednesday at 10e/7p only on MTV!