‘big tips texas’ is redneck heaven on earth [trailer]

Editor, MTV.com

The best little bar in Texas has some big personalities — with even bigger hair — working at it, and come October 9th, you’ll see why MTV chose to follow the friendships and follies of Redneck Heaven’s finest. But before “Big Tips Texas” premieres, we’ve got a special taste with this here two-minute┬átrailer. (Ignore the hint of Jager if it’s too early in the day for you.)

At night, the scantily-clad servers of Redneck Heaven create a jovial vibe amongst patrons with the strategic use of hula-hoops, supersized shot glasses and belly-buttons, but during the day, the girls are just like any other 20-somethings following their dreams and leaning on each other when times get rough. From goals of getting into Harvard to becoming a pro-horseback rider, there’s no room for slacking, especially when it comes to making “a stupid amount of money.” However, sometimes the veteran employees clash with the newbies, and the drama that ensues throws everyone off course. When they say not to mess with Texas, they had these ladies in mind.

Check out the trailer, and hold onto your cowboy hats, because “Big Tips Texas” is about to blow your weave back.