‘big tips texas’ first look: welcome to the sorority house

If you sign up for a gig slinging drinks at a place called Redneck Heaven, where the staff operates like a sorority and the standard uniform is cowboy boots and very little else, you can bet your daisy dukes there will be some wild nights. And lots of big…tips.

In this first look at MTV’s new reality series, “Big Tips Texas,” you’ll find a group of spirited young women trying to navigate the uncertainty of their early 20s through Jim Beam-coloured glasses and a thick haze of hairspray. It’s a sisterhood of sorts, with many different personalities, so it’s not uncommon to see some of them WRESTLE EACH OTHER TO THE GROUND, but the close bonds they share are just as strong as the rivalries. Well, sometimes.

The series premieres this fall, so hang onto that string bikini and hula hoop for just a little while longer, and get ready for some serious hell-raising, y’all. Yee haw!