Big cat shows off his two left feet on the next ‘ridiculousness’

If you’ve got butter fingers, you’re likely to drop whatever you’re holding. If you’ve got butter feet, you’re likely to eat sh** during even the lightest of strolls. Rob Dyrdek dives right into those unfortunate souls who just can’t seem to stay upright on the next episode of “Ridiculousness,” but before he cues the clip reel, how ’bout a little mortification, courtesy of Big Cat? Rob forces his bud into a one-man dance show, and all we can say is: ehhhhhhh.

The panel of embarrassment experts laugh their asses off at real-life slapstick in the sneak peek of tonight’s all-new episode below, and we can’t say we blame ’em. From a guy who loses his ukelele across a stretch of black ice to a poor ol’ pooch whose excited charge amounts to a topsy-turvy tumble, the collection of videos proves the basic humor of someone going down still can’t be beaten. (Also, can someone please verify the guy who tumbled off the roof is OK?)

Go head-over-feet for the video clip, and make sure to tune in to an all new “Ridiculousness” tonight at 10/9c!