Beyoncé and blue ivy wear matching jackets that probably cost more than your rent

Spring has officially sprung in the Knowles-Carter household, ushering in a season for lemonade, world tours, and the ever-important spring transitional piece: the denim jacket. Only, in this family, no one’s digging through crates of Levis for their jean gems — they’re going straight for the designer goods (duh).

In an enviable new Instagram post, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy model their mommy-and-me style in matching Gucci pieces that probably cost more than your rent and my rent put together. The light-washed denim jackets are embroidered with hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and colorful flowers, and have the French phrase “l’aveugle par amour” written on the back (which translates to “blind for love” in English). As they pose from all sides, Bey also shows love for the O.G. “Lemonade”: Gucci Mane’s bouncy 2009 jam.

If this doesn’t scream “spring,” then I don’t know what does. Consider “seasonally appropriate embroidered denim” added to our shopping list.