These were the best moments at the 2015 mmvas

The 2015 Much Music Video Awards happened in Toronto last night, and it goes without saying that A LOT went on. With all the singers, celebs, flashing lights, and thousands of screaming fans, it was easy to miss some of the best little moments. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few of our favourites right here!

1. When Devon Soltendieck and Adam Lambert channeled their inner Carlton on the red carpet


2. When Disney stars Bella Thorne and Debby Ryan hung out in the 360 Vine booth

Bella And Debby

3. When Walk Off The Earth rolled up in a limo full of doppelgangers

Walk Off The Earth

4. When OMI broke it down during his ‘Cheerleader’ performance

omi grind

5. When Gigi Hadid looked AMAZING spinning in the 360 Vine booth

REAL gigi being bae

6. And when she strutted across the stage to help co-host Ed Sheeran introduce the Best Pop Video nominees

sexay gigi walk

7. When half of Echosmith walked out looking like royalty


8. When co-host T-Rex danced the night away in front of Marianas Trench

Trex lil jig

9. When Pete Wentz brought out a cat for Sarah Hyland

Pete With Cat

10. And when Ed Sheeran tried to sneak away with it

Ed Sneaking Away

11. When Drake surprised everyone and showed up to give P Reign the award for Best Hip Hop Video

Drake Hug

12. And when someone threw their bra onstage to The Weeknd and scared co-host Liz Trinnear

literally bra thrown at weeknd

What were your favourite MMVA moments? Let us know in the comments!

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