‘believe part 2’: the jury has reached a verdict

Zoe at the court house.

Degrassi‘ has never shied away when it comes to discussing the heavy topics and the most recent episode, ‘Believe Part 2,’ wasn’t any different. After a long awaited trial, Zoe’s assault charges against Luke Baker and Liam Martin were finally brought to justice. It wasn’t an easy road to travel for Zoe Rivas and she definitely hit a few bumps along the way. With the support of her friends and family, Zoe was able to stay strong and see it through to the end.

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The press went all TMZ on Zoe’s case and revealed that the real reason she was booted from West Drive was for popping pills while working on set:


But Zoe proved to be someone the media did NOT want to mess with:


Unfortunately, it didn’t stop her from going back to her old ways. After busting Zig for dealing again, Zoe helped herself to his product in hopes that a couple of pills would make all the bad feelings go away:


She was definitely singing again but she was also making an even bigger fool of herself. Take notes – Drugs are bad!


Thankfully, Zig came to her rescue and convinced her that drugs weren’t the answer to solving her problems. The only way her case against Luke was going away was for her to see it through to the end:


Zig wasn’t the only friend Zoe had on her side; Becky Baker was still struggling with the idea of lying on the stand to help defend her brother Luke: 


In the end she told the truth:


And Luke Baker was found guilty: 


Zoe got the justice she was hoping for and she was finally ready to move forward: