Behold, the most cringeworthy moments from mtv’s ‘are you the one? ’ reunion

Well, that got a little awkward.

The original “Are You the One?” crew gathered for a baby shower to fete parents-to-be Amber and Ethan on last night’s “Special Delivery” reunion episode. But despite plenty of liquor, the aww-worthy moment when the happy couple found out the sex of their wee one and the absence of the always stressful match-up ceremonies, the event still featured some cringeworthy moments between a few exes, past hookup buddies and former roommates.

Here are just a few of the uncomfortable interactions between the $1 million winners:

Simone’s social media diss

Let’s just say the outspoken former castie wasn’t too pleased that Amber and Ethan unfollowed her on “the ‘Gram.” Simone fired back and admitted that she didn’t “like” any of their bump pics.

John’s roast speech

Who didn’t get singled out by the jokester during his controversial toast? Umm, cheers, folks…

Adam and Ryan’s fallout

The duo tried to live together outside of the Hawaiian mansion, but they didn’t need a truth booth to figure out that they weren’t a match as roommates. As Ryan so eloquently pointed out, their bromance has “faded.”

Adam and Brittany’s makeout


The blue-eyed hunk delivered a move that his buddy taught him: throwing a lady — in this case, Britt — on top of the bar…


…and then sharing a passionate kiss. “It’s game over from there,” Adam spilled. But that’s about all the “animalistic” pair did on the physical side — and the brunette beauty ended up with Ryan when the weekend was over.

Jacy’s Big (Apple) announcement

Shortly after the feisty Puerto Rican made a beeline for Scali at the bar, she blasted him for not calling her once the show ended. Then she dropped a bombshell: she’s relocating to New York — aka Scali’s turf. Although she made it clear that she wasn’t moving to be closer to him, it seems like this perfect match might see more of each other in the not-so-distant future — especially since the smooth-talker admitted he’d eventually like to settle down.

Chris and Shanley’s chat

The very off-again couple tried their best to avoid each other but ultimately failed: After a night of drinking, they had it out when an emotional Shanley let Chris have it for blasting her on social media. After some back and forth, he finally apologized and the duo hugged it out. But it’s still safe to say these two won’t be — as Chris T loves to say — “chillin” anytime soon.
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