Behind the scenes of the ‘real world: portland’ reunion [photos]

With a “Real World” season as brutal as Portland and a host as tough as Coral Smith, it’s no doubt next weeks reunion special will be a doozy. The eight strangers who made their way to the Northwest sat down to hash out 12 episodes’ worth of laughs, fights and even an exclusive relationship. But when the cameras weren’t rolling, what was really going on? Could NiaJohnny and Averey even stand to be in the same room? Funny you should ask…


Just a little wardrobe malfunction…nothing to see here, folks! Move along!

Before the cast hit the stage, MTV caught up with everyone as they mirror-checked the hell out of themselves, and we got some juicy gossip about what’s going on nowadays. So why did Joi really leave the house, and can we expect the four cast members featured on the new “Challenge” to keep the rookie winning streak alive? Check out some interview excerpts and photos below to find out!


Averey hates living in Massachusetts, but still loves Johnny: Yup, these two lovebirds are still together, but no thanks to Averey’s cross-country move to Beantown. “She absolutely hates Boston, but she’s a trouper and she’s riding it out for me,” Johnny told us. “In Boston…you stick with your friends, and new people, it’s like: ‘Get out of my way,'” Averey added. But Daisy couldn’t be happier: She’s slimmed down to 11 pounds and is flaunting a slimmed-down summer bikini body after gaining FIVE POUNDS in Portland.



Nia is still the same thumb-sucking, food- and c**k-loving free-baller (all her words!): But more importantly…will she, Johnny and Averey be getting together for tea anytime soon? Even though they’re more cordial nowadays, the answer is no. “I still feel the same way about the situation — these people are not my friends,” she told us. “The real world is dog-eat-dog, and I definitely ate.” While Nia said she wasn’t nervous to be at the reunion because she intended to tell nothing but the whole truth, we had to wonder whether she was lying when she told us her huge throwdown with Johnny and Averey was only the second fight in which she’s ever been involved. Beginner’s luck?


Jordan had zero faith in Anastasia and Jessica as “Rivals II” competitors: “I figured they’d be out first,” Jordan said of his female cast mates as he recalled his first day on “The Challenge.” “Nothing against them as people, but they’re not athletic.” Still, Jordan said he relished his and Marlon’s positions as underdogs, and actually preferred the atmosphere Thailand offered to his time in Portland. “The group of people we were with was completely different than a fresh cast,” he told us. “It was a little bit more my style…more strong-minded.”


Joi’s doing just fine, thanks for asking. The Portland prodigal got a full-time job at a bank, and was awarded Playboy’s Cybergirl Of The Week for a second time! In regards to why she left the show, she chalked it up to her boyfriend’s issue with her becoming a reality-TV stereotype. “He’s in the NFL, and him being associated with me on a reality show wasn’t exactly his cup of tea. That was the choice I made, and I don’t regret it, because he and I are still together,” she said.

And oddly, though Joi and Nia never crossed paths in the “Real World” house, she now calls Nia one of her best friends. “I didn’t live with her, so I didn’t judge her,” she said. Plus, even though Joi’s got her own footballer as a boyfriend, she said Nia’s insight into dating pro athletes is still valuable. “She doesn’t talk to me, like, through her book — just as a friend.” (Maybe Joi should share a house with Nia for a few months and see if she still feels the same way.)

Don’t miss the ‘Real World: Portland Reunion Special’ next Wednesday at 10e/p on MTV!