Bees to honey: how does ‘are you the one? ”s julia attract all those men?

Every gal has that friend — no matter what, no matter where you go, dudes just fawn all over her. She gets a bazillion phone numbers and always (like, always) has a boyfriend. (Hell no, it’s not fair.)

What’s it like to be THAT girl? Ask Megan Fox. Or Julia from Are You The One? Ever since the Season 4 premiere, many of the guys have been really into the Southern belle.

 First — and most memorably — there was John. The Nebraskan fell hard for Julia when the two bonded over hometowns and… that’s about it. He then had an unforgettable meltdown after the Truth Booth tell-all didn’t exactly validate his feelings.

Post Johnageddon, Stephen swooped in with a newly single (sort of) Giovanni right behind. The two exchanged a few heated words while Morgan was off on his getaway date with a very unimpressed Julia.

 What IS it about this girl that these men can’t resist? Sure, she’s gorgeous. But so are the other nine lady contestants, and none of them seem to be getting half as much attention as the Louisiana native. Is it because she’s “sweet and spicy,” as Gio says? Is it her coy, IDGAF demeanor? Or how about her fiery personality — remember when she didn’t hesitate to verbally attack Asaf after he wronged Tori?

Not only that, but who on Earth is her match? Julia has seemed lukewarm about most guys throughout this season, though Stephen may have caught her eye as of late.

Tell us your theories, and catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/9c!