Beau mirchoff and brett davern’s ‘awkward. ’ bromance once included tutus [photo]

A successful bromance doesn’t necessarily hinge on watching the game or exchanging fart jokes — sometimes, it’s just about a couple of guys sitting around in tutus. Thanks to a very special photograph that Jillian Rose Reed posted to Instagram earlier this week (on #ManCrushMonday, to be exact), we’ve discovered that “Awkward” actors and future recording artists Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern together once adopted the look of Burt Reynolds auditioning for “Swan Lake,” and though it’s a bit of a jarring sight, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected from these two.

“#mcm and throwback to when @mollytarlov created these pretty princesses,” Jillian tweeted with the image, which has us wondering whether the makeover was an act of love or revenge (both, perhaps?) by the actress who plays bitchy Sadie. As if the ballerina bottoms and thick ‘staches aren’t enough to grab one’s attention, Brett’s ensemble includes a two-toned witch wig and coordinating hat, while Beau’s features a shiny tiara on his head…and a plastic baby in his arms. FROM WHAT STRANGE PRODUCTION’S WARDROBE CLOSET DID THESE CREATIONS COME?

Tell us what you think of the duo’s get-ups, and be sure to catch the “Awkward” Season 4 premiere on April 15 at 10e/7p!