“battle of the seasons”: should frank have fought harder to keep marie around?

Marie had very little to say on her way out the door after being eliminated from “The Challenge” last night, but the few words she chose spoke volumes:

“The friendship I have with Frank… I’m not friends with fake people.”

She and her sidekick from San Diego bonded from the moment they touched down in Turkey, but after Frank’s team decided to throw Marie and her teammate Robb to the wolves–even though San Diego agreed Brooklyn would have been a smarter choice for purposes of the game–it seemed like the Marank friendship was permanently tarnished. Frank felt pressure to keep his team in tact, Marie found Frank’s wishy-washy defense of her “corny” and both were disappointed with the way things panned out as they went their separate ways.

The trouble all started when a drunken Marie knocked over a series of potted plants with Sam as her bowling ball, causing major friction between San Diego and St. Thomas. Sam admitted Marie had since apologized, but once San Diego found themselves in a position of power again after a “Force Field” win, Zach thought Marie still needed to pay for her mistakes, and Sam and Ashley seemed to agree. The spot between a rock and a hard place suddenly looked like a four-star resort from where Frank stood, and though he put up a small fight to keep his friend in the game, he ultimately conceded to keep team morale up. Robb and Marie went in, and Robb and a sour Marie went home.

So, since we know the batsh*** show Frank is capable of putting on, do you think he should have fought harder for his friend? Or did St. Thomas have it coming? Tell us what you think in the comments below!