Backstage quickie with nikki: how about some oiled up ‘magic mike’ dancers in hot pants? [video]

Grab your tightest pair of leather pants, bitches! It’s time for another “Backstage Quickie with Nikki,” where I take you inside the making of “Nikki & Sara LIVE,” and it’s a hot one.

In the video below, Sara and I take a walk around the block to meet our new neighbors, the cast of Broadway’s “Magic Mike.” Our visit includes all the makings of the warm welcome wagon: a delicious casserole, a nice bottle of wine and lots of nervous giggling.

Not only is this “Quickie” packed with hilarious outtakes, but you’ll also get a glimpse at how much work goes into crafting the perfect excuse to tuck money into your sexy male neighbor’s shorts. You’ll see…

Thanks for watching!