‘awkward’s sadie vs. ‘faking it’s lauren: who’s the ultimate queen bee?

Every school has its Queen Bee — the obvious perfectionist and ultimate powerhouse — and Palos Hills High and Hester High are no different. Case in point: self-proclaimed bitch Sadie Saxton on “Awkward” and fierce powerhouse Lauren Cooper on “Faking It.” Both ladies have proven their HBIC credibility, but who reigns supreme? Let’s examine the two strong-minded ladies — and show exactly what they have in common:

They both have anger issues
SADIE: Most of her rage can be traced back to her unstable home life. The upperclassman cheerleader is constantly disgruntled by her mother Darlene’s view of her weight, along with her feelings of abandonment after Darlene left her to be raised by Ally. Oh, and she’s also totally broke. With all her frustrations, Sadie’s only coping mechanism is to provide overly blunt advice to the students of P.H.H.S. (mostly Jenna Hamilton).

LAUREN: The conservative Dallas transplant, who’s still adjusting to Austin and its more liberal ways, is often irritated by the progressive actions of her peers and lesbian sister Amy. She’s also irritated by Amy in general: Who could forget Lauren’s reaction when her sis destroyed her beautiful Croquembouche?

They have no mercy
SADIE: She’s extremely nosy and somehow always seems to know more about Jenna than the blogger even knows about herself. She’s also able to keep a tight grip on her friends and will eliminate anyone who tries to out-mean her. (Does anyone remember a girl named Amber/Eva?)

LAUREN: Her knowledge of Amy and Karma’s big secret (and Amy and Liam’s tryst) allows her to get away with a lot more than we even realize. Heck, she even assembled a team of blackmailers in order to ensure that her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t reveal her big intersex secret. You go, girl!

They always have the perfect comeback

SADIE: Does it even need to be repeated? Nope? Good, we won’t say it then. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF YOU’RE WELCOME! YOU’RE WELCOME. (Oops)

LAUREN: Her comebacks often come in the form of that dramatic stink face, accompanied by a bitchy eye roll.

They both have — gasp! — a good side
SADIE: She can’t help but be cruel to J-Town, but we have to admit that her overly aggressive — and often unsolicited — advice is pretty spot-on. Remember when Miss Saxton was one of the few people to honestly confront Miss Hamilton and her druggie phase by telling her how it is (hint: she called her an a**hole.) Plus, Sadie was the one to comfort Matty when Jenna dumped him. How can we hate on that?

LAUREN: She revealed her sensitive side when she helped Amy’s mom plan her wedding, showing that beneath her tough girl exterior, she’s a loving Texas girl. In addition, her intersex confession (although forced) proved that Lauren’s mean-girl facade might just be her way of hiding her insecurities.

So there you have it: two high school girls who sometimes have a soft side — but mostly make it clear that no one deserves even a moment of their presence. So who do you think takes the B crown? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to catch “Awkward” at 10e/7p and “Faking It” at 10:30e/7:30p!