‘awkward. ’: who’s poised to have the best senior year ever?

Prom is over and another school year has come to a close, but for the first time in “Awkward” history, all members of Palos Hills High School’s closest clique seem to be in a good place. Sure, their junior year was a collective, unmitigated disaster thanks to Jenna Hamilton 2.0, but the blogger’s Apology Tour really took, and on the threshold of senior year, J-Town, TamaraMattyJake and Ming all have something to look forward to. Hell, even Sadie‘s heart is hopeful now that she’s in love. But who’s in the best position to really take Grade 12 by storm?

Jenna, for one, seems like she’s finally on the upswing, and her touching final essay for Mr. Hart’s class showed that she’s ready to find herself — for real, this time. On the other hand, Tamara is already on top of her game, and now that she and Jake have resolved their relationship issues, Madame President has got big plans for PHHS. Though Ming was recently dethroned as Queen of the Asian Mafia, she’s thrilled to be rid of the power and free to slum it with Fred Wu. Sadie’s also the happiest she’s ever been now that she’s found a guy who truly gets her, and Matty’s spark with new girl Bailey could potentially help him get over Jenna once and for all.

It’s onward and upward for this crew, but whose star will shine brightest in Season 4? Place your bets below, and tell us what you think will happen when Jenna & Co. become the big dogs on campus!