‘awkward. ’: should jenna be less brazen about dating collin?

Considering Matty McKibben’s heart was pulverized when he caught his girlfriend, Jenna Hamilton, kissing Collin at her surprise birthday party, we have to hand it to him: He’s handling the “Awkward” breakup pretty well. He’s assured Jenna he doesn’t hate her, refuses to gossip about her and, despite his attempt to move on with a new girl, is still hopeful that they’ll work things out. Jenna, however, has essentially spit on her old relationship by dismissing Matty, and insists on forcing-feeding Collin to her friends and family, even though they’re resistant. So, does she have the right to date Collin so openly and expect her friends to hop on board, or should she be a little bit more discreet?

Tamara and Ming were clear from the get-go that Jenna made their group of friends a liiiittle bit uncomfortable by throwing Collin into the mix so quickly — especially when Matty was in no position to be in the same room as Jenna’s new beau. Tension ultimately came to a head when the formerly inseparable friends couldn’t get to Jenna’s barbecue on time, and when Jenna took their apparent no-show as a slight against her new relationship, she reamed T and Ming out for not advocating for her happiness.

Tell us what you think: Does Jenna need to keep Collin under the radar while the Jatty wounds heal, or is she a-ok to date him as proudly as she pleases?