‘awkward’: should jake and lissa give love another shot?

It’s no wonder Jake Rosati has adopted a scorned singer/songwriter vibe this season on “Awkward” — when you think about it, he’s got a pretty unfortunate track record with the ladies.

Since sophomore year, he’s broken up with Lissa to get close to Jenna, then got his heart trampled on by J-Town (who decided to pick things up with Matty, instead). Finally, he broke up with recent ex-girlfriend Tamara not once, but twice.

On last night’s episode, though, Jake got a couple of reminders why — in spite of their differences — he and Lissa once got along so well. One reason: Lissa is truly goodwilled, as evidenced by the fact that she pacified Sadie after her food truck shift freakout. In spite of a few exceptions (let’s not forget that she cold-cocked Jenna in the courtyard), Palos Hills’ newest head cheerleader was always eager to keep the peace. More importantly, Jake was proud of how she’d become so confident.

“You’ve changed, too, Jake,” Lissa replied. “Tamara used to yank you around, but now you’re just more you.”

Every love story ebbs and flows, so should Jake and Lissa, who genuinely reconnected on last night’s episode, give their relationship another chance?