‘awkward’ question: is there a second child in store for jenna hamilton’s parents?

In just a few short months, Lacey and Kevin Hamilton will watch their little girl Jenna graduate from high school (and maaaaybe go to college…). But if actress Nikki Deloach has her way, the young parents won’t have to submit to empty nest syndrome so quickly.

As “Awkward“‘s final season approaches, the show’s most maternal cast member has given some thought on how she’d like to see things in Palos Hills wrap up, and at the top of her list of dream scenarios is an addition to the Hamilton family portrait.

“I’ve always wanted Lacey and Kevin to have another baby,” Deloach told TVLine earlier this week. “That’s definitely on my mind in terms of stories. I want them to experience having a baby as adults, rather than as high schoolers. Let’s be real, Lacey’s meltdowns alone would make for good TV.” No arguments here! But would that mean J-Town’s sanctuary would be reconstructed into a nursery?!


And speaking of Jenna, Deloach hopes her televised daughter and Jenna’s on-and-off boyfriend Matty McKibben remain in each other’s lives, even if the roads they travel temporarily take them in different directions.

“There are actually two endings I’d be happy with: One of them would be both Jenna and Matty going to college and staying together,” Deloach shared. “The other…is if they decide to go to college and live their lives, then catch up with each other in five years and see what happens.” A little PHHS reunion? We can dig!

Check out the full interview, and tell us what you think of a potential Baby Hamilton!