Here’s the ‘awkward’ way to approach prom

The “Awkward” teens are no strangers to prom — thanks, Jenna, for showing everyone that going stag is totally fine — and when the fifth season of the dramedy returns on August 31, the Palos Hills gang will be heading to the big dance synonymous with the end of the year. So besides cutting a rug — refer to J-Town’s fab moves below — what other wisdom can the cast impart when it comes to the formal affair?

“The most important thing about prom, besides the dress obviously, is the ask,” Sadie Saxton Molly Tarlov divulges in the clip below.

So, what’s the best approach if you’re gearing up to pose that big query?

“I’m a big fan of the public ask because it’s grand and everyone can see it,” the actress continues. One big no-no? Texting because it’s “not cute.”

Noted, Molly.

Meanwhile, the woman behind Lissa Miller (aka Greer Grammer) thinks that it’s very important to make the question meaningful and special — with some help from a few fun accessories.

“Fill their room with balloons and then have a big sign at the end that says, ’Will you go to prom with me?’ and they have to pop every balloon to get there,” the cheer captain’s alter ego advises with a smile.

And while we’ve seen Matty McKibben’s grooving, how would Beau Mirchoff boogie? To see his trademark dance floor go-to — plus Brett Davern’s major don’t and other fun tidbits from the cast — watch the video! And be sure to catch “Awkward,” premiering on Monday, August 31 at 9/8c!