‘awkward’ moment: watch the real-life matty and jake argue over bro code

The Matty vs. Jake debate has been a generally playful one across four seasons of “Awkward,” but we’ve officially spilled over into the big leagues, friends, and it’s time to finally decide — once and for all — where you stand:

Are you Team Matty, or are you Team Jake?

As both characters have dated the show’s protagonist Jenna, the tension between them has never quite lifted. And when Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern, who play Matty and Jake, respectively, sat down with TV Guide today, friendly fire erupted almost immediately — particularly when the guys were asked about Jake’s fling with Matty’s girlfriend Gabby in Mexico.

Brett supposes that his character might have slept with the tennis star to get back at Matty for previously breaking bro code, but Beau calls Brett’s justification a flimsy one and says no matter which way you slice it, the former class prez was in the wrong.

This is just the tipping point, though, and soon, the guys strip off their gloves and lay into each other. Security on standby…?

Where do you stand in the ongoing battle of Matty and Jake? Declare your allegiance, and keep up with MTV News for more updates on the soon-to-come episodes!