‘awkward’ dreams: did jenna really have a romantic epiphany?

Between carefully framed photographs with friends, a Pinterest-worthy set of statement candles and a string of suspended blue light features, Jenna Hamilton’s collection of bedroom decorations has one glaring omission these days: a dream catcher.

On Monday’s “Awkward” episode, and after some wine and a few dozen pigs-in-a-blanket, Jenna was forced to face the ghosts of her romantic past. While dreaming, the blogger confronted Matty, Jake, Collin, Luke and even poor little Owen, who collectively delivered a single message: You’re an idiot, and the answers to your relationship troubles have been staring you in the face since sophomore year.


Yup, the guys’ subliminal counterparts each forced Jenna to review how she’d wronged them: She’d deceived Jake, used Collin as an escape, fashioned Luke into second fiddle and used Owen as a plaything to distract her from her pain. And each transgression pointed to Matty as her singular love interest. Or, at least, that’s what she inferred once she finally woke up.

Considering the former sweethearts’ history, we’d never count out a potential Jatty reunion — they’ve made more revolutions around love’s carousel than a groomed championship Clydesdale. But they’ve also proven that at any moment the ride could stop, the horse could buck and they could both be tossed into the dirt and trampled. Either way, Jenna’s resolved to tell Matty how she feels, but should she evaluate her feelings a little more clearly before jumping back in the saddle?

What do you think: Should Jenna trust her dream’s lasting impression, and has she truly had a romantic epiphany? Or is a dream just a dream, and have the past three years proven that Matty and Jenna aren’t meant to travel beyond the friendship-frontier? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to catch “Awkward” Mondays at 9e/6p!