‘awkward. ’: can jenna and lacey recover from their fallout?

Has the devil on Jenna Hamilton’s shoulder finally taken a flying leap? On last night’s “Awkward,” the good girl gone bad appeared to have realized the error of her ways after Collin’s ex-girlfriend, Angelique, slipped her Ecstasy at a club, leading to a bad trip. Thankfully, Matty McKibben still had a place in his heart for J-Town and picked her up from the hellish shindig without a second thought. But when Jenna finally returned home, she remembered that her mother, Lacey, had essentially kicked her out hours earlier.

After getting suspended for smoking on school grounds and breaking curfew, Jenna incurred the unlikely wrath of her mother, who’d told her that if she left the house while grounded, she wasn’t welcome back. Lacey, who actress Nikki Deloach has described as more of a “peer-ent,” finally reached her wits’ end with Jenna’s bad behavior, and seemed serious about leaving her in the cold. But if Jenna was capable of ultimately forgiving her mother for penning the infamous Carefrontation letter, can we hope that Lacey will eventually come around, too? Sure, Jenna’s dark side has reared its ugly head on more than one occasion, but everyone deserves a second chance…right?

Will Lacey and Jenna be able to reconcile? Tell us what you think in the comments below!