‘awkward. ’: are you still holding out hope for jatty?

When we left off with Jenna and Matty at prom, the former “Awkward” lovebirds — who seemed inches away from reuniting — decided to stay broken up. Jenna had held onto hope that her ex was willing to look past her year of infamy and work things out, but he’d moved on to another girl, and for the first time in a long time, J-Town was alone. Palos Hills’ most notorious teen blogger was OK with her new solo title, though, and decided to embrace the opportunity for a bit of critical self-reflection.

Still, senior year of high school has a tendency to shake things up, and when “Awkward” returns on April 15, Jenna and Matty will fall back into old habits (like…tenth-grade-level-grey-area habits). In the show’s trailer, the back-and-forth couple find themselves in friends-with-benefits territory, but when Tamara hits Jenna with a reality check, and urges her to cut things off before she devolves into Matty’s secret hookup buddy once more, Jenna looks ready to swear off her dream guy for good. Ross and Rachel have got nothing on these guys…

Considering how intensely Matty and Jenna have loved, but also how much they’ve hurt each other, do you think they have a shot at reconciling? And, more importantly, do you want to see it happen? Check out the trailer and weigh in!