Avril lavigne posts pic of blood, updates fans on lyme disease

After Avril Lavigne alerted fans that she wasn’t doing so well back in December, she’s been getting loads of support from her Black Stars. But fans didn’t know exactly what was going on until she later revealed that she has Lyme disease.

In June, Avril had an emotional interview with “Good Morning America,” detailing the struggle of the bacterial infection and saying that, most of the time, she is bed ridden. Now, Avril is speaking more publicly about the disease, giving fans who also may be struggling with Lyme disease a feeling of community and understanding.

“This journey continues,” Lavigne wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, spilling out some hopeful words of wisdom from her song “Fly.” “Just reach up, don’t give up until you’ve touch the sky ….. We were all meant to fly.”

She posted two pictures from the doctor’s office — one of her on a bed and another of vials of blood.

“On my way to good health #TakingCareOfMyself,” she wrote.

She followed that up with one effective hashtag: #F–kLymeDisease