Audrina patridge turns 29 on may 9th – 9 things she should do before 30

Audrina Patridge turns 29 today which means she only has one year left before hitting the big 3.0! It’s not uncommon to have a before 30 bucket list, but since becoming the host of NBC’s ‘1st Look’ the former ‘Hills‘ star has had the opportunity to try a lot of new things, including walking on water and attending Cirque School. Since she’s almost already done it all, we’ve come up with a list of 9 things we think Audrina needs to take care of before turning 30. Check out our list below and be sure to wish Audrina a Happy Birthday in the comments!

Go to space

Audrina recently spent some time at a Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama for her show ‘1st Look’ and she somehow managed to make a spacesuit look sexy. We think she should consider actually going to space since she already has the perfect outfit.

Audrina Bday Space

Plan a dinner date with LC

The girls haven’t spoken in almost 3 years. Audrina better treat Lauren to dinner date sooner than later if she’s wants an invite to what will likely be the wedding event of the year.

Audrina and Lauren

Get Married

There’s nothing wrong with being 30 and single, but Audrina has a history of on-again-off-again relationships, we’d really like to see the man that finally gets her to commit.

Reunite with Justin ‘Bobby’

Simply because it might be one of the most awkward reunions of her life—if she can survive that, she can survive anything.

Audrina and Justin Bobby


Star in another movie

She already has fame, fortune and an NBC hosting gig but she always talked about her love of acting. Aside from a few straight-to-DVD starring roles, we’ve yet to really see her break through on the big screen. It’s time she starts living that dream a little harder.

Audrina Patridge in Sorority Row

Get another tattoo

It’s her last year of being a twenty-something. Why the heck not?!

Audrina Patridge

Run a Marathon

And by ‘run’ we actually mean organize it! A few years back Audrina made noise in the tabloids when she ran the LA Marathon in a mini skirt—fashion first ladies—so why not host a marathon to raise money for a female specific cause where everyone has to wear a mini skirt—even the guys! Audrina could run it and, well, run it!

Audrina Patridge

Record a single 

After performing with Lita Ford at a famous Las Vegas Rock N’ Roll Fantasy Camp, it’s pretty clear Audrina doesn’t exactly have the vocal pipes to make it as a rock star, but maybe former ‘Hills’ co-star turned singer, Heidi Montag, could help her out. Imagine if those two recorded a single together. The music video alone would likely break the internet.

Get a motorcycle licence

For years we watched Audrina riding on the back of Justin’s motorcycle but those days are long gone. We think it’s about time Audrina started riding solo.

Audrina Patridge