Audrina and stephanie talk ‘hills’ moments they wish you’d never seen [video]

Sure, video-recorded nights at Les Deux and weekend afternoons spent wandering the mall are nice to have for memory’s sake, but that fight by the garbage cans? Not so much. “The Hills” had some visually stunning moments, for sure, but there was a whole ‘lotta ugliness to compensate, and for Stephanie Pratt and Audrina Patridge¬†have amounted to just as many shudders as they have smiles.

The girls discuss the on-air moments that made them cringe in the interviews below, and while Steph’s discomfort stemmed–in broad strokes–from navigating her early 20s on-camera, there was one very specific scene that haunts ‘Drina to this day. “[Justin and I] were over by the dumpster in the parking lot, and all the producers are running across the street, cameras are chasing us and we’re like ‘Just leave us alone–just give us a second!‘” she recalls with mortification. Sounds pretty real to us…

Check out Steph’s and Audrina’s reflections on their reality TV experience and head back Monday to hear what Lo Bosworth had to say about the “Hills'” heyday.