Aspiring teleporter vinny guadagnino lists his mom as a desert island must-have [video]

As if we needed any additional proof that the bond between Vinny Guadagnino and his mom, Paola, is rock-solid, the “Show With Vinny” star has gone on record saying he couldn’t live without her. Yep, in the new “Dear Vinny” segment below, the Celeb Whisperer’s ma makes the cut as one of three things he’d want with him if ever stranded on a desert island — pretty impressive, considering the other two items are his iPhone and a TV.

“My mom would definitely be able to cook all the fish and make fruit platters,” Vinny says, citing the advantages of having her around. More importantly, she’d probably have the insight to get them back to civilization, as Vinny says the woman is full of life-changing, sage advice.

Uncle Nino’s words of wisdom, on the other hand, are not to be trusted, and it’s for good reason that he was left off of Vinny’s island must-haves list. Nino’s typical guidance? “Bang as many girls as possible, don’t wear protection, drink whatever you wanna drink…terrible, terrible advice.”

Watch the video to hear more of Vinny’s answers, including his preferred superpower, and keep posting your questions on the “Show With Vinny” Facebook page!