Ashley’s big bull riding dreams come tumbling down on “buckwild” [sneak peek]

Most of us never get a chance to achieve the lofty goals we set for ourselves as kids (maybe we’ll walk on the moon in another life?), but Ashley’s childhood fantasy of riding a bull actually comes true in this sneak peek of tonight’s two new episodes of “BUCKWILD.” Only problem is the experience literally turns her on her head, and judging by her friends’ horrified reactions to the nasty spill, the bucking bronco may leave her more bruised and battered than she expected.

Also on tonight’s episodes, we’ll see just how far Shae and Joey will make it as a couple. Is proposing a round of skinny-dipping then locking your naked date out of the car a reliable flirting tactic? Dating down South is quite the game of cat and mouse. Oh, and just in case they do make it as lovers, they can count on an air mattress full of river water to see them through the night. The stuff of romance, friends…

Check out the clip below, and tune in to two all-new episodes of “BUCKWILD” tonight at 10e/p!