Lessons from from ‘high school musical’ that should inspire ashley tisdale’s new blog

It’s been nearly a decade since the Queen of all Queen Bees, Sharpay Evans, first graced our TV screens in “High School Musical.” Sure, Vanessa Hudgens’ Gabriella was the cute leading lady we all adored. But Ashley Tisdale’s Sharpay was the confident leader who completely won us over with her over-the-top glitz, sharp zingers, crafty cunningness, and obsession with all things “fabulous.”


In real life, Tisdale’s style is (thankfully) more subdued, but every bit as enviable, which is why we’re psyched that the “Clipped” star is launching her own fashion and lifestyle blog, The Haute Mess. The actress shared the exciting news on her Instagram, accompanied by a collage of all the things that appear to be her inspirations, including cake, palm trees, a lovely Caitlyn Jenner quote, and, naturally, THE SPICE GIRLS.

Tisdale revealed her blog will make its debut “real soon”, and promised she’s “building a team of awesome creatives, trendsetters, rebels and innovators.” She’s apparently already interviewed legendary style icon Iris Apfel for the site, so things are definitely looking promising.

Honestly, we can’t think of anyone better suited to share her style secrets with the world than Tisdale, especially given her history as THE Sharpay Evans — the very woman who ruled Lava Springs Country Club with an iron fist, while inspiring us to “want it all,” and touting the importance of striving for “bigger and better and best.”

So in the spirit of Sharpay’s truly unparalleled influence (look no further than her magnum opus, “Fabulous,” for proof of that), here are 23 of the best fashion lessons that we hope Tisdale incorporates into her new style venture.

1. You can never have enough pink.


2. Always make sure you’re dressed to change history.


3. Every queen bee needs a loyal sidekick (bonus points if they can double as your duet partner).


4. As well as a tiny dog to tote around.


5. A dazzling smile is the best accessory.


6. The city sidewalk is your runway.


7. As is the school hallway.


8. Even when you’re forced to wear something as blasé as a graduation robe, you can always find ways to spruce it up.


9. Never, ever settle.


10. Copycats should be called out immediately (also, tiaras are legit headwear).


11. Pamper yourself — you deserve it.


12. Maintaining flawlessness will inspire the people around you to dress better.


13. Surround yourself with an expertly dressed crew of minions.


14. Shiny newsboy caps are severely underrated.


15. Optimism is sexy.


16. Make sure your outfit is functional enough to handle expert choreography.


17. This is how you should psych yourself up every morning.


18. Always make an entrance.


19. Kentucky Derby-style fanciness is perfectly OK for day-to-day wear.


20. Fabulousness requires stress prep.


21. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life.


22. …and the finer people, too.


23. And you should always, always dress for your dream.