Artists that steal: mtv news investigates

When Lady Gaga released her biggest single to date – Born This Way, in 2011, Madonna complained that the track sounded eerily similar to her own 1989 hit, ‘Express Yourself‘. What Madonna failed to mention was that she herself has been the subject of more than 20 copyright infringement lawsuits since the beginning of her career, all accusing the Queen of Pop of stealing bits and pieces of other people’s music and lyrics to create what we now know as an impressive catalogue of songs. The most famous of these cases was when a woman sued Madonna claiming that the lyrics to her smash hit, ‘Justify My Love‘ were actually stolen from a poem she had written. The woman’s name now appears as a songwriter on the track.

MTV News decided to do a little digging and investigate the phenomenon of artists stealing each other’s work and making it their own. Is it okay to be “inspired” by someone’s work? Who should be given credit? What are the guidelines?

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