Artist to watch: years & years are ready to rule your headphones

In 2014, Hozier took us to church. In 2015, British electro-pop trio Years & Years want to take us to Communion with their debut album, set to be released on July 10.

Before their album drops, we wanna rewind and give you the lowdown on why we’re celebrating Years & Years as our MTV Artist To Watch. We promise you’ll be obsessed, too.

Who They Are

In a fortunate twist of fate, it was the Internet that brought future Years & Years members Michael Goldsworthy and Emre Turkman together. The two met online in 2010. They were later joined by Olly Alexander, an actor who has starred in “God Help The Girl,” “Bright Star,” and other films and TV shows. Apparently, the two heard Olly singing in the shower at a friend’s house and that was the only audition they needed. Thus, the electro-pop trio known as Years & Years was born.

Since then, they’ve released several EPs — their most recent being Y & Y, which came out in February of 2015. A perfect warm-up for their debut album coming out in July, if you ask me.

Oh yeah, and their Instagram is a goldmine. They have the most fun.

Here they are with Katy Perry, NBD:

What You Should Listen To

Of course, you absolutely, positively must listen to their hit single, “King.” The song — and the video — are haunting, charming and danceable all at once.

Why You Should Listen

Years & Years isn’t just filling a void in the electronic world — by incorporating influences from so many genres, they’re actively carving out a niche for themselves in the broader spectrum of popular music. They’re fascinating because they’re not tied to one particular sound — they can’t be. They supersede what “electronica” is traditionally thought of and challenge the listener to expand their musical palette.

What’s Next

Right now, the Y & Y crew is gearing up for a North American and European tour this fall.

The amazingly talented Shamir will be joining Y & Y on some of their European tour dates.