Artist to watch: bea miller injects some ‘young blood’ into rock ‘n’ roll

When it comes to rock and the charts, it’s girls to the front nowadays. The latest evidence that ladies are going harder than any dude out there — and with flair to spare? That would be MTV’s Artist To Watch, Bea Miller.

Read on for why you should you NEED to start blasting this teen’s punk-tinged tunes ASAP:


Who She Is

16 and not that sweet, Bea Miller got her start on “X Factor.” She might not have come out on top on the singing show, but she basically won at LIFE with her the release of her debut EP, Young Blood, in 2014 and the subsequent slot on Demi Lovato’s world tour. Oh, and she’s touring with Fifth Harmony in 2015, so we would make a joke about how she’s “Miss Movin’ On” right here if it didn’t seem a little obvious.

Like her contemporaries Tove Lo and Lorde, Bea brings an edge to pop music. She’s a huge Nirvana fan and is dedicated to bringing rock ’n’ roll back the top of the charts — and to her fans.

“When I was really little — like first born up until I was probably like three or four, when tapes were still a thing — my mom would make tapes for me to play on road trips and she would mix in the alphabet and ’The Itsy, Bitsy Spider’ with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam and other bands like that,” Bea told MTV News. “I think it’s really important, especially as an artist, to be able to draw from as many different styles as you can.”

Amen to that, lady. Lucky you — Bea offered up a few musical suggestions above for those listeners who are as voracious as she is.


What You Should Listen To

“Dracula” is my own personal jam — it’s like Sleigh Bells-meets-Avril-meets-I-dunno. Even though Bea says that the dude described in the song — tats, skinny jeans, soul as black as night — isn’t really her type anymore (speak for yourself, Bea), it’s still a hit in our eyes.

“Fire N Gold” is another pump-up jam you need in your ears — especially if you’re bummed. “It’s reminding all the people who are really down in the dumps and who feel like they’re alienated and like no one understands them and they’re really alone that they do have a purpose in life and that they are here for a reason,” Bea said. “Even if they can’t see, I can.”

Then, of course, there’s “Young Blood,” which Bea said is “reminding everyone that life is going to be really difficult sometimes. It’s kind of me being really completely honest. … After I’ve already established that that’s going to happen, I’m going to tell you that you can make it through that.”

Well, we said she wasn’t exactly sweet…


Why You Should Listen

Because she’s a badass, of course, and because she genuinely wants to help people with her music. Check out her reasoning for wanting to become a musician above and try NOT to throw all the money her way for records, tickets and merch.


Also Her Name Is ALMOST “Bae”


This isn’t really relevant to anything, but it makes me happy. Also, it allows her to talk about her before-all-elses. ALSO, Luke Hemmings really needs to call her because they could be the best pop-punk couple since Hayley and Chad.


What’s Next?

Her debut LP is on the way and I already have a space all cleared out in my tape deck. You ARE releasing on tape, right, Bea? Just kidding. Only I’m not. That would be rad.

She’s also working on some music videos, I’ve heard, and I’m hoping those hit the Web soon. Lemme know if you need help casting for “Dracula,” Bea. I’d be happy to lend some eyes.


Bonus: Bite Bea’s Style


Bea is pretty minimal when it comes to style, but she told us she’s obsessed with tattoo necklaces. Yup, what all of us old folks used to wear when we were 13. Get one to be like bea.

NB: That GIF is not Bea. It’s from this blog here.