Artis sends nev and max off with a ‘catfish’-style game of h. O. R. S. E. [bonus scene]

Nev and Max are steadily proving during this season of “Catfish” that their spontaneity extends far beyond hunting down Internet tricksters. After an adventure riding dune buggies with Ramon and a pick-up game of football with Mike, the guys — yep, even the one with the broken foot — have moved on to shooting hoops with Artis and his cousin, Charles! In the bonus scene from last night’s episode below, they take on the cherished one-upping game of H.O.R.S.E., giving it a good ol’ “Catfish” spin.

As soon as the guys hit the court, it’s on, and Artis makes an early fool out of his opponents. Max isn’t one to be steamrolled, though, and after he finds his groove, he sinks a few shots. However, Artis ends the game with an impressive two-pointer that involves jumping over Max’s head. The two then gather for a photo to commemorate their strange, strange journey, and in spite of its hurdles, Nev tells Artis he’s glad to have taken on the challenge. “Thanks for telling us your story,” Nev says. “I learned a lot.”

Check out the clip: