This instagram artist is turning messes into masterpieces

They say there’s no use crying over spilled milk and the same probably goes for coffee, ice cream and other delicious things. Illustrator Giulia Bernardelli is doing much more than tearing up about messes — she’s turning them into masterpieces and capturing it all on her awesome Instagram account.

“I decided to replace the paint brush with what nature offered, such as leaves, fruit skins, food. All these elements feature different colors and textures,” the 28-year-old told The Washington Post about her unique approach to art, which she’s been perfecting over the past year.

Although we’ve found our favorites, we highly recommend giving her a follow so you can do the same. Here’s what you’ve been missing:

1. “Geng Jianyi screaming plate”

The Chocoholics.

“A murder is announced”

Murder she wrote (in strawberry).

“Meow stains”


“Coffee guardians”

Seriously, how could you not love all these coffee kitties?

“Old but gold”

Yoko is the hazelnut to Lennon’s chocolate.

“Spicy Christopher Walken!”

More cowbell.

“The sweetest thing”

Honey Mary Poppins also helps the medicine go down.

“Breakfast for 2″

Coffee is true love.

“My mind in wonderland”

It’s always tea time there.

“Red red jungle”

Better than red red teeth.


Cool dude.

“Remember that time slurs over everything, let all deeds fade, blurs all writings and kills all memories. Exempt are only those which dig into the hearts of men by love.”

All love stories should be sketched in chocolate.