Arielle scott of ‘real world’ discusses the inspiration for her dark film debut, ‘the anniversary’

There isn’t a more comfortable shoulder to lean on in the “Real World: Ex-Plosion” house than Arielle Scott‘s. She was the first to comfort Jay after his mother died, never hesitates to jump in and (attempt to) diffuse everyone’s arguments and was the only cast member who actually appreciated the invasion of the exes, which has given her the chance to reconnect with her former flame, Ashley Ceaser. But forget what you know about the California native, because as of right now, she’s got a handful of dead bodies in the trunk of her car…

…fictionally speaking, of course! In her short film debut, “The Anniversary,” which Scott told us evolved from a road trip she and Ceasar took to Santa Cruz after breaking up, the stunning actress plays a sociopathic killer who celebrates each of her one-year relationship anniversaries by murdering her lover and stuffing the remains into boxes. She said the experience actually helped her and Ceaser, who plays her character’s latest victim, to repair their fractured relationship, but acknowledged that its darker tones were a bit of a departure from her typically upbeat self.


“All my friends know me as happy, goofy Arielle — not really dark and twisted and nasty,” she shared. “But I get to be as dark and twisted as I want to be in film. I can play that character, but I don’t actually have to be that serial killer.”

Scott, who also wrote, directed and edited the film, explained that she loves toying with audience expectations through art, and said she hopes the juxtaposition of Ashley’s lovely narration against the gruesome images of her murder in a hotel bath tub elicit a unique discomfort in those who watch.

“[Ashley and I have] always done this thing where we write ‘fifty reasons why I love you,’ and it’s really cheesy,” she elaborated. “And so I thought it’d be funny to turn that into a story where what you’re hearing completely differs from what you’re watching.”

And if you’re surprised that Scott and Ceasar were not only able to survive a lengthy car ride together as exes, but proceeded to create an entire production in tandem, you’re not the only one. Scott explained that she and Ceasar, who had a blowup over gender identity (a subject you can read more about on MTV Act) on Wednesday’s “Real World” episode, can never stay angry at each other for too long.


“I am just as baffled by it as you guys,” she commented. “At the end of the day, whether we’re together or not, Ashley is my best friend – she gets me more than anyone else in this world, and it’s hard for me to put that aside. You could have brought any other ex [into the ‘Real World’ house], and I would have been like, ‘Ehh, I don’t give a sh**,’ but Ashley’s the one girl that will always stay under my skin.”

Now, Scott is looking to continue her trek into the film world, and is hoping to act as a horror movie pioneer by doing away with Hannibal, Freddie Krueger and Jason, and making scorned women her movies’ cold-blooded killers.

“I’m one of very few women who’s interested in working in horror or thrillers,” she said. “So the stuff that I do, I like to make what some people would call ‘female positive.’ I just really like to see a girl take over.”

Take a look at Arielle’s very first film below, and follow her and Ashley’s relationship on “Real World: Ex-Plosion,” airing Wednesday nights at 10e/7p.