Ariana grande’s mom is officially a ‘han shot first’ truther

With all due respect to Jai Brooks, @isaacboots, and the pups, Ariana Grande’s mother is far and away the greatest guest star ever to grace the MMVA performer’s Instagram with a cameo. (I mean, have you watched her play “Heads Up!”? YOU MUST.)

Needless to say, I was completely on board with a new video posted this past Saturday (June 14), in which Joan Grande goes on what the “Problem” singer describes as “an hour long Star Wars rant.” Hmmmmm, I wonder what she thinks about John Boyega’s “Skywalker” tweet from earlier today…

Lest you think these are simply the rantings and ravings of a lone sci-fi fanatic, mama Grande is actually educating her daughter about “Han Shot First,” one of the biggest controversies in the “Star Wars” fandom.

Here’s the deal: In the original 1977 release of “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” Han Solo shoots and kills bounty hunter Greedo while they’re in the Mos Eisley Cantina. The 1997 theatrical re-release, however, sees Greedo shooting at Han first, a move that many in the “Star Wars” community — like — decried as an outright whitewashing of the character’s less-than-honorable origins.

I’m definitely glossing over some of the specifics in the interest of time, but you know what? I’m not Joan Grande, and I never will be. (Greatest regret in life, TBH.) If you find yourself in the Boca Raton area and have an hour or so to kill, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind explaining the whole “Han Shot First” thing to you in excruciating detail.

This definitely deserves an honorary spot on the list of things we love about Ariana Grande.