‘are you the one? ’: was chris s. Out of line for trying to make paige jealous?

What’s one way to get your crush’s attention? Go on a date with her best friend! That was the baffling mindset behind Chris S.‘s decision to take Paige‘s house bestie Kayla on the tubing excursion after winning the getaway challenge on last week’s “Are You The One?” To refresh your memory: After an electric kiss between Paige and Chris S. during a steamy game of Spin the Bottle, the sexual tension between the two was thicker than the biggest coconut in Hawaii, yet during the Match-Up Ceremony, Paige chose Chris T. as her perfect match — a big mistake, according to most of you.

Later on, when Kayla threw a curveball by choosing Paige to go on the tubing triple-date with Dre, Chris S. wasn’t fazed in the least. It merely fed into his grand plan to play head games with Paige, which proved to be a cinch when he cuddled in the rain with…Kayla. You keeping up?

Back at the house, Paige ripped the Brooklyn native a new one over his mixed messages, claiming to be done with the Chris S. Game of Loves-Me-Loves-Me-Not…until the self-proclaimed “G” promptly shut her up with a kiss. BOOM!

Chris’ master mind game worked perfectly, but was it really necessary? For some girls, a little jealousy is just what the doctor ordered, but did Chris go too far?