‘are you the one? ’ strikes gold! But did science get it right?


After weeks of Truth Booth nominations, experimenting with Match-Up strategies and hoping to stay on Shanley‘s good side, the “Are You the One?” singles finally saw 10 beams of light ignite behind host Ryan Devlin on tonight’s season finale, signifying they’d all successfully found their perfect matches and had officially won $1 million. But among the three couples that had already been confirmed, and the seven that were newly verified, we were left wondering if science was 100 percent on the money in the connections it had made.

Pairs like Amber and Ethan, Coleysia and Dillan, and Jacy and Scali had all seen serious romantic sparks throughout the group’s stay in Hawaii, but Ashleigh and JJ as a match seemed a little out of left field, and Shanley was too hung up on Chris T. to really invest in Adam. And though Simone and Dre had been positive — based on their similarities — that they were a match for some time, there seemed to be little chemistry between them. As cannons spewed confetti over the victorious daters, Ryan observed, “Not everyone’s gonna leave this house with a fairy tale ending, but there are real relationships that were forged here.” Whether they last the duration of the plane ride home is the one question that remains.

Take another look at the final matches, and tell us if they all make sense, or if some still leave you scratching your head!

Coleysia and Dillan

Paige and Chris T.

Kayla and Wes

Jessica and Ryan

Simone and Dre

Jacy and Scali

Shanley and Adam

Amber and Ethan

Brittany and Joey

Ashleigh and JJ