‘are you the one? ’ sneak peek: wes makes a big mistake and john is in need of some ice

Week after week John Jacobs manages to find new ways to make us fall in love with him. Whether it’s his quirky smile, silly outfits or unforgettable one-liners, we can’t help but hold a place for him in our hearts.

In this week’s sneak peek of ‘Are You The One?‘ John pokes fun at his lack of muscles in comparison to other guys in the house. While Wes and Andrean lift weights by the pool, John boasts about his own figure, ‘Do you have a Band-Aid—because I’m cut. Do you have any ice—because I’m swollen. Do you have any tape—because I’m ripped.’ Oh John, way to be optimistic! Too bad Wes isn’t as good with his words…

When Wes takes a seat next to Kayla, the two start dishing out the compliments. First with Kayla telling Wes how cute he is and then with Wes sharing how he thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous, but then things take a turn.

When Wes begins to spill on what his initial attraction to Kayla was, his story doesn’t exactly add up, ‘When we all met the first day and we were all in the bedroom talking. I saw you sitting there and the first thing I noticed from across the room was like, your bright ass blue eyes…um…brown!’ Oops!! Not sure how he’s going to get himself out of this one but Kayla’s eyes are definitely brown, not blue. Maybe he was feeling lightheaded from all that weight lifting?

Check out the awkward interaction in this week’s sneak peek below and don’t miss an all-new episode of ‘Are You The One?’ tonight at 11e/8p on MTV!