‘are you the one? ’ sneak peek: the heart wants, what the heart wants

To some it doesn’t matter whether or not a piece of paper says you’re a match or not—you just are. Facts are facts, but in the case of Shanley vs. Chris T. vs. Paige, the facts don’t matter.

A few weeks back on ‘Are You The One?‘, Chris T. and Paige were confirmed as a Perfect Match and it was off to the honeymoon suite. The only problem, Chris had already given his heart to Shanley.

In tonight’s sneak peek, Shanley expresses her concern when it comes to Chris and Paige becoming friends, ‘If y’all are gonna be friends, then you’re gonna find out why y’all are a perfect match in the first place, right?’ We believe Chris T. and Paige have the potential to kick start a romance in paradise—if he was willing to give it a try—but the heart wants, what the heart wants. Chris’ heart wants Shanley, and Shanley wants him!

They might be messing with our perfectly good match making system, but, even we can’t handle watching the sneak peek below without going AWWWWW-allllll-the-way-through!!!! <3

With only two episodes left don’t miss an all-new ‘Are You The One?’ tonight at 11e/8p on MTV!