Tempting fate: meet the ‘are you the one? ’ season 7 singles

Are You the One? Season Of Fate is all about, well, fate. And when new episodes begin on August 8, a fresh group of guys and gals will be looking to cozy up to their perfect match and walk away with a cool $1 million. There’s bound to be lovers’ quarrels — or 10.

Check out the photos below and get to know the 22 singles (11 scientifically compatible pairs!) before they face the inaugural appearance of the “Fate Button,” which will determine which couples will go on dates and ultimately play a role in who enters the “Truth Booth.” Share your thoughts on who you think will find a connection — and who will clash. And do not miss the premiere of Are You the One? Season of Fate on Wednesday, August 8 at 10e/7p.

  1. Andrew

  2. Asia

  3. Brett

  4. Bria

  5. Cali

  6. Cam

  7. Daniel

  8. Jasmine

  9. Kayla

  10. Kenya

  11. Kwasi

  12. Lauren

  13. Lewis

  14. Maria

  15. Moe

  16. Morgan

  17. Nutsa

  18. Samantha

  19. Shamoy

  20. Tevin

  21. Tomas

  22. Zak