‘are you the one? ’: will science say briana and curtis are meant for each other?


When contestants enter the “Are You the One?” dating fray, they often gravitate toward someone quickly — look no further than instantaneous lovebirds Paris and Pratt, as well as Brandon and 11th girl Christina. But on tonight’s episode, Briana and Curtis, who seemingly flew under the radar for the first few days, made a connection all their own.

Sure, the chemistry was evident — just look at the passion during their first smooch at a rowdy house party. Heck, C even deemed it as “fantastic and awesome.”

But physical attraction aside, it was how the handsome duo bonded on an emotional level that gave us serious flashbacks to “AYTO” Season 1 newlyweds, and parents-to-be, Amber and Ethan. During Briana and Curtis’ first getaway date, they spoke about their childhoods, as well as their hopes for a family of their own. But their relationship was elevated to another level when the brunette beauty trusted the sensitive nice guy enough to open up about a deeply personal experience: her painful miscarriage.


“I was supposed to be a mom,” Briana admitted. “It was [like] the most traumatizing experience of my life. I felt like when I started dating someone else, I just didn’t want them to feel like I was used already.”

Curtis, who was appreciative of Bri’s honesty, assured her that she shouldn’t feel that way.

“I can’t presume to imagine the feelings that she carries,” he explained in a separate interview. “But she should never feel like that has decreased her value or made her that much less desirable.”

The Cali natives, as well as the entire house, felt confident that they were one of the two perfect couples revealed at the first Match-Up ceremony — so when it came time to make selections for the Truth Booth, the group decided to play the odds and vote Brandon and Christina to discover their fate. Ultimately, compatibility tests (shockingly) proved that the PDA-loving pair weren’t meant to be, and the unexpected result sent the house into a tailspin. But Bri and Curtis remained steadfast to one another.


At the Match-Up ceremony, B unsurprisingly chose C, and he couldn’t help but gush about their budding romance.

“I enjoy being the couple in the house that everybody looks to, to kind of describe what it looks like to be a perfect match.” Annnnnnnd cue the “awwws.”

But as Bri wisely pointed out to host Ryan Devlin, they’ll never know if science says they’re right for each other unless they visit the TB. And while their connection is undeniable, it’s still pretty early in the game. So do you think that Briana and Curtis are one of the crew’s perfect matches? Or do we have another Brandon and Christina on our hands?  Share your thoughts below!