Are paris and pratt a perfect match?

Talk about déjà vu: The season premiere of “Are You the One?” featured a Chris and Shanley-type connection as yet another couple instantaneously clicked.

Shortly after introductions among the 21 singles, Paris and Pratt experienced an immediate spark, even bonding over their mutual admiration for corny jokes. They fell for each other fast — and hard.


While the duo didn’t hook up on the first night — Jessica and Anthony have that distinction — they were one of three pairs who won a getaway date during the first challenge, thus making them eligible for the Truth Booth. But, despite the fact that P and P were excited about their blossoming romance, they weren’t quite ready to learn their fate and head toward the Honeymoon Suite. So they did what they thought would take the target off their backs: fake a fight to sway their housemates to vote for another couple.

“I want Paris to be happy,” Pratt stated during a joint confessional with his potential lady love. “She wants to stay here in the house. I don’t blame her — I’d love to stay with the boys, too.”

But before he could explain how they were going to “try to outsmart the system,” Paris grabbed the green-eyed hunk and did this:

Yup, their very first smooch. The couple’s scheming ways ultimately worked, but their housemates were understandably pissed about the game-changing betrayal — or as Curtis phrased it, their “salty f**king move.”

Brandon and Jessica, who were already confident that they weren’t each other’s one and only, quickly learned that they indeed weren’t a match — much to the delight of B’s crush, 11th girl Christina.


Later, Paris and Pratt picked each other at the Match-Up ceremony, but the crew unanimously agreed that their bold move might have hurt their chances at the $1 million. Regardless, the house only got 2/10 beams, and Pratt felt confident that one of those lights was for him and the brunette beauty.

But is he right? The two have common interests and there’s no denying their physical attraction, so science may very well agree that they’re meant for each other. But it’s also incredibly early for them to know for sure. What do you think?