‘are you the one? ’ heartache: will john be able to move on from julia?

Not even 24 hours.

That’s how long it took for one of this season’s Are You The One? hopefuls to fall head-over-Havaianas in love with another contestant. (Cue Kiki’s Season 3 obsession with Devin — only this time, the gender roles have been reversed.)

During last week’s season premiere, John made his feelings for Julia crystal clear, and he licked his way through fish paste and peanut butter in order to win a getaway date with the Southern belle during this week’s ep. The Nebraskan divulged his over-the-top thoughts on fateful fortune cookies and falling hard, while Julia fake-played the cheeseball violin.

“He makes me want to throw up with the cheesy sh*t he says,” the Louisiana native said during confessional. Ouch.


You’d think that if anything could slow down John’s feelings, it would be a negative Truth Booth result, right? Nope. After getting voted in by the group, John and Julia were faced with a big, fat NO MATCH. And while Julia secretly smirked, a teary, frustrated John was determined to debunk MTV science… by punching a hole in the wall.


Talk about one of the most iconic meltdowns in AYTO history — and believe us, there have been quite a few. At this point, is John even capable of falling for his actual perfect match? After all, he’s already blown his chances with Emma. Tell us what you think, then watch John’s obsession love story further unfold next Monday at 10/7p!