Are you the one? Get to know (and vote for) season 3’s girls

We’re only a few short weeks away until our formal introduction to a brand-new batch of 20 singles who are desperately searching to find their perfect “one.” And while the previous two “Are You the One?” casts were able to strike gold and successfully find their ideal matches (down to the wire both times!), will the next good-looking crew be as lucky?

In honor of the sizzling MTV series’ Season 3 return — premiering on Thursday, September 24 at 11e/8p — it’s time to get to really know the cast members who will be hitting the Boom Boom Room trying to find their perfect match by partaking in our very own swipe-style “AYTO” game. So who’s a yay, and who’s a nay?

Get to know the 10 gals via these mini profiles!



The Colorado native is beautiful — and has the smarts to match. However, her past relationships have left her feeling insecure and settling for guys who aren’t up to par. Since she always prefers to be the heartbreaker rather than the heartbroken, the 22-year-old is quick to dump a guy before he can let her go. Can Amanda learn to trust, or will she kick her perfect match to the curb before she knows it’s him?



The 24-year-old may be good-natured, but this beauty queen also has a bit of a wild side. Always the faithful girlfriend, Britni knows her best assets and she isn’t afraid to use them to her advantage. However, she tends to fall for guys who are uneasy about her flirtatious behavior. Will Britni recognize that her perfect match is the guy who thinks she’s perfect just the way she is?



This Floridian has smarts and the skills to match: The 23-year-old athlete has aspirations to earn her PhD in psychology and is on the hunt for someone who also possesses those ambitious attributes. Chelsey would do anything for the man she cares for, but when her passion turns to possession she often sends him in the opposite direction. Will Chelsey find the guy that will be as devoted to her as she is to him?



The 22-year-old New Yorker is funny, sweet and beautiful but has a tendency of putting her fears of hurting her partner ahead of her own needs. Will Hannah be able to find a guy who doesn’t make swimming with sharks feel like a walk in the park?



This party girl is strong, gorgeous and spontaneous — and she is looking for a man who can handle her outgoing ways but still join in on the fun. However, the Connecticut native’s quest for her compatible companion often leads her to pick men who are dominating and have anger issues. Will Kayla be able to find the ying to her yang, someone who can help her strike a healthy balance between spontaneity and stability?

Kirsten “Kiki”


The Virginian has a fear of ending up on her own — so the brunette always has someone waiting in the wings, regardless of her relationship status. When the caring 24-year-old is in love, she is all in — but sometimes that attention to detail actually ends up pushing guys away. Can Kirsten balance giving everything to her relationships and holding a little back for herself?

Kristyn “Cheyenne”


This Californian boasts tremendous qualities: She’s gorgeous, smart, ambitious and well-traveled. The 22-year-old claims to hold her man to the same high standard that she holds herself to, which makes finding Mr. Right difficult. Can Cheyenne find the guy who truly measures up?



The 23-year-old dancer approaches all aspects of her life with intense passion, but sometimes that passion becomes too much for the guys she courts. Add a history of trust issues, a bit of paranoia, and a hot temper to the equation and you are bound to end up with a few unhealthy bonds. Will the New Yorker learn to trust her perfect match before she lets her fears get the best of her?



The alpha female is smart, ambitious and throws herself 110 percent into everything she does — and always comes out on top. Naturally, the Southern belle gravitates toward the same qualities in men, but somehow the men she finds can always add cheating to their list of accomplishments. Even worse, the 23-year-old has a habit of dating the same roster of dudes (not good!). Will Rashida break the vicious cycle and find a new love with a new man?



This Staten Islander is brash, opinionated, and a total sweetheart. While it’s easy to see why guys fall so quickly for Stacey, she isn’t so quick to reciprocate those feelings. Picky and easily bored, the 24-year-old never lets a guy hang around for too long — and unfortunately, the guys that do hold her interest are bad boys who mess with her heart. Will Stacey give her perfect match enough of a chance to realize that he is worth keeping?