‘are you the one? ’: does brittany need to back off of adam?

It’s tough to fight a connection that starts with an underwater kiss in paradise, but on last night’s “Are You The One?,” Adam, who’d so far been smitten with Brittany, became turned off by the Boston girl’s overeager behavior. Still, she wasn’t willing to let go of their romance so easily, and persisted in her attempts to win him over. Is it time for her to call it quits and move on, or is she right to stay firm in her belief that she and Adam are a true match?

After correctly guessing only two out of 10 matches on the premiere, the cast decided to each pick new potential love interests in last night’s Match-Up so they could compare results and improve their chances at the grand prize. Brittany, who was sure she and Adam had it right the first time, was resistant to shake things up, and got defensive when Amber, who was thinking about the game analytically, urged Brittany to pick someone else now that it was Ladies’ Choice.

“I don’t want to, so why should I have to do it just because you’re all telling me to do that?” Brittany fired at Amber, who had Adam on her side. “I’m not that confident, especially after these arguments that we’re having that are just stupid,” he told Brittany.

Ultimately, Brittany’s chances to go against the grain were killed when Shanley snatched Adam for the Match-Up ceremony before she was able, but Brittany shows no signs of stopping in her quest to get her man. Should she quit now, or is she right to keep her convictions?