‘are you the one? ’ dating resumes: ethan’s got religion, shanley’s getting bigger boobs

You can cook a bowl of rice in 60 seconds, but is it enough time to prove you’re worthy of true love? Premiering Tuesday, January 21, “Are You The One?” will challenge single men and women to find their perfect matches, but before the game gets underway, you can learn all about the cast members’ relationship potential through the people who know them best: themselves! We tasked the entire group with selling their most attractive features in under one minute, and we’ll be rolling out their video dating resumes in pairs each day up until the premiere. Check out today’s testimonials below.

Dig a girl who’s not afraid to take down a Big Mac? Just want a good, Christian boy you can bring home to mom and dad? Look no further! In today’s videos, Shanley and Ethan step up to the plate to pitch their best assets, and in just 60 seconds, we learn that the former can totally fit in as one of the guys, the latter is a big fan of JC and both are ready to stop calling themselves single.

In Shanley’s personal ad, she describes herself as loyal, a non-picky eater and a “great lover in the sack.” Plus, if you’re a breast guy, you’re in luck. “I’m getting a boob job!” she concludes after explaining that she doesn’t bitch about EVERYTHING, just a lot of things. As for “mountain man” Ethan, he’s all about good ol’ Southern values, and if you’re a lady who loves to hunt and fish, you can stop your search now. “I hope that you can get some dirt under your nails and play with me a little bit,” he says. Quick: Go borrow some hiking boots!

Check out the clips, and find out if these two can manage to find true love when “Are You The One?” premieres January 21 at 11e/8p!